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My name is Jed Ullrich, a filmmaker and an artist from Texas. Video games kickstarted my love of art and a few films down the road made me truly fall in love with filmmaking. Heavy metal, the macabre, and horror are a few things that inspire my work, as well as a search for genuine charm and innocence.

Before I went to college, I spent several years making personal film projects with friends and working on a few sets. Finally getting a formal education in Visualization at Texas A&M University. It was during my time at Texas A&M I got a better understanding of composition and color in visual communicating, as well as a wide variety of programs to help me produce better content. An improvement in creating traditional art was a much needed bonus as well.

I am constantly learning and look forward to collaborating with a team of creative individuals in a variety of different backgrounds. It allows me to grow as a creator. I hope I can achieve visions for all those I come across.

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